Poole Charter Boats Association (PCBA) is an association of commercially endorsed skippers as defined by the MCA, MECAL and the RYA that operate coded boats from Poole Harbour for charter. The primary objectives of the PCBA association are to promote and maintain best practice across all aspects of operating charter boats from Poole and to promote the port as a centre of excellence for anglers and divers alike. For the official Poole Charter Boats Association site go to www.PooleCharterBoats.org

The purpose of this site is to enable and support anglers and divers to find, contact and hire coded boats with commercially endorsed skippers from Poole Harbour. It also enables anglers, divers and skippers alike to record dives, catches and any items of news which they believe to be of interest to others. Additionally, the PCBA uses this site to hold copies of official and formal records relating to the running of the PCBA, therefore access to this skipper’s forum is restricted to members only.

The PCBA works in close co-operation with the following organizations to promote protect and conserve the environment within and around Poole Harbour:

  • Poole Harbour Commissioner
  • Poole Harbour Master
  • Poole Council
  • Poole Tourism
  • Poole Bay Small Boats Angling Club
  • RNLI
  • The Coastguard

Commercially endorsed skippers must successfully complete the following training with an appproved training organisation:

  • Short range ship to radio messaging and protocol
  • First aid course covering at least resuscitation, unconsciousness, hypothermia and control of bleeding (repeated every 3 years)
  • A practical sea survival course, use of flares, lifejackets and liferaft
  • A technical course that demonstrates the skipper’s theoretical knowledge
  • A practical skipper’s course that is appropriate to his license
  • An independent practical examination by an approved examiner for the skipper to gain his endorsement, without which he can not operate commercially.

Commercially endorsed skippers are also subject to fitness checks (every five years).

Coded boats have approved independent surveyor inspections alternate years.

Year 1 Full out of water survey by approved surveyor
Year 2 Compliance inspection by owner
Year 3 Survey by approved surveyor – in or out of water
Year 4 Compliance inspection by owner
Year 5 Full out of water survey by approved surveyor

If you are a commercially endorsed skipper and or the owner of a commercially coded vessel, interested in finding more out about the PCBA or would like to join the PCBA, go to the contacts page on this website and write a short note to the PCBA Chairman.

Moving Home To Poole?

Though the idea of relocation of houses by a man and a van seems expensive to people of some countries, but in fact in the Western countries of the world the best way to shift household possessions safely and in a hassle free manner is through this service only.

In some countries changing residence throughout the year is not a very rare thing. Relocating from one place to another involves a huge number of things, for example packing, loading, and transporting the belongings. This process takes loads of time and undeniably takes a lot of effort too. By each passing day, people are getting more and more depended on man and van Removals Company for the safe transportation of their household belongings.

Depending on the quality and the quantity of the items, there are two types of services provided by these companies. If the items are huge in quantity, it is better to think of a removals company. If the quantity is lesser and can be shifted in a large vehicle with the help of one man, it is better to go with the man and a van removal company option.

Below are some of the benefits one can get from a man and van company services:

1. Transportation of small and big items:

When anyone shifts a house, there are many big and small items which need to be transferred. A man and van removals company takes care of all such things. These companies are also capable of transporting different items from a person’s house to their relative’s house, even if they are not actually shifting their residence.

2. Trustworthy and safe transportation:

Transporting a large number of items is not an easy job to do. The techniques of packing and loading things without harming the items require a lot of skill and many years of experience to handle the pressure of transportation. This is where the success of man and van removals service lies. This service is performed by professionals with years of experience and a well-equipped van with modern facilities.

3. Efforts become less:
Moving all the items from one place to another is a tedious and exhausting process. Hiring a man and van removals company lessens this stress. The company takes all responsibilities of how to deal with the items form packing to loading. They ensure the safety of all the items until it is not shifted.

4. No waste of money:
Relocating things include the cost of many small things like payment of the gas trucks, loading and remuneration. So it is better to hire one company to get the entire work done.

5. Cost less:
In comparison to a removal company, a man and van removals company cost much less.

6. Saves time:
Usually it takes a lot of time to pack and arrange the things, but a man and van Removals Company can take the whole responsibility for performing the entire process in a hassle-free manner.

There are many man and van removals companies in the market which provide this service to those who need it. Choosing the right one is important for you to have a safe transportation.

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